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We are the trusted partner for organisations, big and small, in their journey to navigate the digital world, amplify their presence, and create resonance with their communities.

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Branding goes beyond visuals—it's the essence and voice of your organization. At Hatch Mediahouse, we assist organizations in distilling their core brand values, translating them into impactful visual identities and compelling narratives. When branding is done with care and precision, it’s more than just seen or heard—it's genuinely felt.
In the diverse realm of digital marketing, one-size-fits-all doesn't cut it. We specialize in tailored strategies, be it single-channel magic or multi-channel orchestration. From email campaigns to SEO-driven content, website enhancements, PPC campaigns, and organic social engagement, our expertise ensures your brand's voice resonates where it matters.
And everything in between
Between the vast expanse of branding and marketing lies a realm of critical decision-making. Think of Hatch Mediahouse as that trusted friend, guiding you with candid advice. Whether you're contemplating a brand revamp or strategizing a tight-budget campaign, we offer solutions that blend creativity with practical wisdom.

Our Services

Brand Strategy & Development
Craft a cohesive brand narrative by aligning your organisational DNA with a strategy that resonates. Beyond aesthetics, it's about embodying core values in every touchpoint.
Digital Advertising & Campaign Management
Elevate brand visibility with specialised PPC and Meta ad campaigns. Utilise data-driven strategies to maximise ROI and ensure consistent ad performance metrics.
Digital Marketing
Optimise brand presence across key channels: SEO, SEM, email campaigns, content marketing, and organic social. Drive engagement with strategies tailored to each platform's strengths.
Website & UI/UX Design
Design websites that balance aesthetics with functionality. Prioritise user-centric approaches, ensuring responsive and intuitive experiences that cater to diverse user needs.
Graphic Design, Video & Content Creation
Develop compelling visuals and narratives that capture attention. From vector graphics to motion design, create assets that amplify and enhance brand messaging.
Consultation & Digital Strategy
Navigate complex digital landscapes with expert guidance. From sales funnel optimisation to marketing automations, develop strategies that streamline processes and drive results.

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Powered by a team that cares

Anyā Likhitha
Head, Hatch Mediahouse
Anya is at the helm of all client engagements, ensuring outcomes are always met. With a leadership style that combines expertise with empathy, they upholds the idea that every client interaction should be a joyful journey for both sides.
Victor Zhu
Founder and CEO
Victor champions the power of technology to drive social and environmental impact. He deeply believes that capability building goes beyond the use of tools and effectiveness needs to be measured on the ease of adoption as well as the additional impact created.
Vattey Tan
Accounts Executive
A proud graduate of Hatch Academy, Vattey actively supports a myriad of client projects from brand development to SEO. She thrives on seeing her work come alive, knowing the satisfaction it brings to clients. Every project's success is her joy and motivation.

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