Project Details

UX Research and Design

Recognising the distinct needs and preferences of our audience group, our initial focus was in conducting tailed research into seniors, who are not typically the primary users of digital platforms. Through a series of interviews and focus groups, we sought to understand the group’s activities on digital platforms, aiming to uncover how they engage with technology in their daily lives. This phase was crucial in gaining insights into the challenges seniors face in staying connected and leading healthy lifestyles. The information gathered informed our approach to the community design, ensuring it was accessible, user-friendly, and resonated with the demographic.

Content Creation

Leveraging insights from our UX research, we developed a content strategy tailored to seniors' preferences, focusing on people-centric stories about individuals in their immediate neighborhoods. Our approach combined feature posts that spotlighted community members, fostering a sense of connection, with informative content on healthy living practices, offering practical nutritional guidance and lifestyle tips. Additionally, our strategy included videos showcasing community members advocating for healthy living, inspiring others to follow suit. This integrated content mix aimed to engage and inspire our senior audience, promoting active participation and strengthening community bonds, thereby resonating deeply with their interests and lifestyle needs.

Community Activation

In the Community Activation phase, we aimed to enliven our online platform for seniors by implementing an online-to-offline framework. This framework connected seniors with health-promoting activities from social-service agencies, grassroots organizations, and the seniors themselves. The focus was on bridging digital engagement with real-world participation, promoting active involvement both online and within local communities. This approach cultivated a comprehensive community experience, fostering social network expansion and participation in health-related activities. Our goal was to create a dynamic and inclusive environment that enhances the overall well-being of seniors, integrating the community as a vital part of their everyday lives.

Project Outcomes

0 → 500

Members in the online community (and growing!)

> 20,000

Views of health-promoting content


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