Project Details


In collaboration with Everyday Vegan Grocer, we developed and executed a strategic digital marketing campaign to boost their VIPea subscription program. Our goal was to increase sign-ups and drive relevant leads to the landing page through effective ad campaigns. By leveraging competitor insights and implementing data-driven optimizations, we aimed to enhance the visibility and appeal of the VIPea program to potential subscribers.

Our campaign yielded results in a short timeframe. We achieved a total of 52,000 impressions over the two-month period, effectively increasing brand visibility. The strong click-through rate of 2.92% indicates that our ad creatives and targeting resonated well with the audience. Most notably, our data-driven optimizations led to a remarkable 90% improvement in cost per lead, bringing it down to $4.60. This substantial reduction in acquisition costs not only improved campaign efficiency but also enhanced the overall ROI for Everyday Vegan Grocer's VIPea subscription program.

Competitor Research

We conducted comprehensive research on top competitors, analyzing:

• Keywords and traffic sources

• Landing page structures

• Ad strategies and messaging

This in-depth analysis provided valuable insights to inform our campaign strategy and differentiate Everyday Vegan Grocer in the market.

Campaign Strategy Development

Based on our research, we:

• Proposed and tested suitable channels for the campaign

• Developed targeted messaging and copywriting

• Analyzed current and past marketing campaigns to identify successful elements

This strategic approach ensured our campaign was well-positioned to resonate with the target audience and drive conversions.

Social Media Ad Campaign Management

We set up and executed ad campaigns on Facebook and Instagram, focusing on:

• Creating compelling ad creatives and copy

• Implementing precise audience targeting

• Conducting frequent data-driven optimization and A/B testing

• Regular performance analysis and strategy refinement

Our agile approach allowed us to continuously improve campaign performance and maximize ROI.

Project Outcomes


Leads generated during the 2-month campaign


Click-through rate (CTR) for Meta ads


Improvement in cost per lead (CPL)

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