Project Details


We produced a compelling 2.5 to 3-minute walkthrough video for the Marine Parade district. The project aimed to highlight key infrastructure improvements and points of interest in the Marine Parade area while engaging local youth in the content creation process. This innovative approach not only showcased the community's development but also fostered confidence and communication skills among participating young residents.

Video Production Planning and Execution

We meticulously planned and executed a walkthrough video that:

• Covered the length of Marine Parade, showcasing its diversity

• Highlighted specific infrastructure improvements and areas of interest

• Incorporated clear narration and subtitles for accessibility

This comprehensive approach ensured that the video effectively captured the essence and progress of Marine Parade.

Youth Engagement and Narration

We involved local children from The Hut in the project by:

• Selecting and preparing youth participants for narration roles

• Conducting multiple recording sessions to ensure quality and build confidence

• Providing guidance and support to enhance their speaking skills

The Hut runs a drop-in centre for children and youth aged 8 to 17 years old at Marine Parade. This aspect of the project added an authentic, community-driven voice to the video while contributing to youth development.

Post-Production and Accessibility

Our post-production process included:

• Professional editing to create a cohesive and engaging narrative

• Adding subtitles to ensure accessibility for all viewers

• Incorporating background music to enhance the viewing experience

These elements combined to create a polished final product that effectively communicated the community's progress.

Project Outcomes


Comprehensive walkthrough video showcasing Marine Parade's improvements


Recording sessions resulting in increased confidence among youth participants


Positive feedback on a participant's improved classroom participation

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