Campaign Insights | Maximising your $30 basket at Popular Warehouse Sale 2021

Updated: Sep 15

If you’re a student, working adult, or just a typical Singaporean who appreciates a good deal, you would’ve heard of the Popular Warehouse Sale which is happening from the end of March to early April 2021. In this article, discover tips to maximise your $30 “Take All You Can'' basket. Towards the end, you can also learn about how Popular Bookstore’s customer experience design keeps you coming back to their sale year-after-year!

The "Take-All-You-Can" Popular Warehouse Sale 2021

The annual Popular warehouse sale is happening soon!

If you live in Singapore, you’d know how much we all love a good sale. Here are the details of the anticipated event:

  • Venue: 15 Serangoon North Avenue 5, Singapore 554360

  • Dates: 31st March 2021 - 4th April 2021, from 10 am to 8 pm

  • Booking your slot: via Eventbrite (each customer has 1h at the warehouse)

  • Free parking (subjected to available capacity)

Despite COVID-19’s disruptions, the well-loved bookstore still received an overwhelming response for their sales. Currently, all slots are booked.

However, you can still register your interest via their Google forms to receive updates from Popular.

While the $30 basket is arguably the biggest lure of the promotion, there are other promotions such as:

  • Up to 80% off select items

  • Stationery at $10 for 10 pieces

  • Assessment books at $10 for 5

Tips to Maximise Your $30 Basket

Singaporeans are all too familiar with the annual Popular warehouse sales. However, this is the first time that Popular is having a &q