Campaign Insights | 3 Digital Marketing Insights from Shopee 9.9 Marketing Strategy 2020

Updated: Sep 15

Shopee’s 9.9 Super Shopping Day campaign messages are grabbing the attention of shoppers. The ecommerce player’s marketing strategy and execution this 9.9 season offers 3 key lessons for digital marketers. Read on for a dive into Shopee’s attractive and consistent campaign styling. Understand how clear call-to-actions were employed to nudge consumers and learn from their strategic use of offline and online channels.

Shopee’s 9.9 Super Shopping Day campaign messages are grabbing the attention of shoppers!

Happening in early September, 9.9 is the first in the series of year-end shopping festivals. It was pioneered by Shopee to cater to the rapid growth of the ecommerce industry in Southeast asia. Today, e-commerce players Shopee, Lazada, Qoo10, and Zalora have jumped on the bandwagon to battle for the share of consumer’s minds and wallets during 9.9.

Shopee's landing page all jazzed up for 9.9 | Image credits: Shopee

Shopee’s 9.9 marketing campaigns have been especially successful, with each year outperforming records from the previous years. In 2019, 9.9 Super Shopping Day brought in “three times the number of orders compared to last year; a peak sales volume of 187,606 items within one minute, and more than 113 million deals offered.”

This year, the campaign features mascot Phua Chu Kang, who sings, banters with viewers, and strikes poses on the campaign’s online and offline channels.

What makes Shopee’s campaign especially memorable (or annoying)? How does Shopee drum up and sustain hype for Shopee 9.9? Why are they investing so much in this festival?

In this e-commerce marketing case study , we will dive into what Shopee did this 9.9 season, and extract 3 key lessons digital marketers can learn!

Catchy and Distinctive Shopee Branding across Offline and Online touchpoints

Shopee boldly uses the music and famous brand ambassadors to stand out from other e-commerce players. Last year, Cristiano Ronaldo dancing to a remix of 'Baby Shark' went viral and helped triple Shopee’s sales.

Online Marketing Strategy

This year, local favorite Phua Chu Kang (PCK) is Shopee’s brand ambassador! It is hard to miss his familiar, quirky, Singlish accent playing over speakers as he banters with consumers, urging them not to miss the good deals at Shopee’s 9.9 sales.

Shopee released a new jingle that is just as attention-getting as last year’s ‘Baby Shark’. PCK sings the Super Shopping Day song, pairing it with special 9.9 dance moves.

Using prominent brand ambassadors and catchy jingles makes Shopee stand out amongst its competitors. These are tactics that make the marketing stimulus especially eye-catching to consumers. Coupled with the basics of clear and consistent visual style, Shopee captures a prominent position in the minds of consumers.

Offline Marketing Strategy

Shopee used offline advertising as a marketing channel too! You might have seen them on digital screens, as print media, or as large immersive ad experiences:

Shopee Immersive Advertisement at Bishan MRT Singapore
Immersive media display at Bishan MRT Interchange with the Super Shopping Day jingle

This created a seamless experience over online and offline touchpoints for their consumers, giving Shopee more opportunities to strengthen their engagement with consumers. Across the different touchpoints, their campaign messages were consistent in their visual style. This boosts the image of the brand and the message in the consumer’s mind, possibly even more than what offline or online can do alone!

Sustaining the Interest in Shopee's 9.9 Sale by Creating Mini Milestones

Shopee’s marketeers face the challenge of drumming up and sustaining consumer interest in 9.9. Someone might view an advertisement days, or even weeks before the actual Super Shopping Day. How do they keep the excitement going? How do they make sure consumers complete their purchase with Shopee instead of a competitor?

The marketing team is leading consumers on a journey up to 9.9, so they split the journey into mini milestones. Each mini milestone first involves triggering a need, followed by pushing consumers towards a call-to-action. These milestones are designed to quickly activate and satisfy consumer needs, which draws them into closer engagement with the brand each time.

Facebook advertisement from Shopee
Image credits: Shopee

Shopee also uses activities such as giveaways (image above) and deal announcements (below) and to engage consumers and sustain the hype ahead of 9.9.

Social media post from Shopee
Image credits: Shopee

These mini-games and reward activities are also used by e-commerce marketplace Taobao and Lazada drive excitement in the short-term, building the 9.9 hype bit by bit.

Shopee's Collaboration Downstream