Graduate Stories | Finding the courage to pursue her growth career

Updated: Sep 15

If you had to choose what to prioritise, would it be to enjoy what you do or to be good at it? If you’ve been nestled in the comfort of a familiar yet unfulfilling job, would you choose to settle? For some of our Digital Marketing Immersive graduates, these questions are all but too familiar. In this article, you’ll get a glimpse of Pricilia’s story. Hopefully, you’ll find some inspiration in her resolution, which in turn spurs you on to find your own courage to pursue your growth career.

Six years into the job, Pricilia Liani met with the first roadblock in her career.

All has been well since the 27-year-old graduated from the University of Newcastle Australia in 2013, where she managed to secure a role in the finance department of a multinational corporation. Yet, underneath the daily punching in of numbers and interpreting of financial charts, the trained business analyst yearned for something different.

She had an unfulfilled desire to incorporate design in the work that she does.

My current job in the finance industry is not something I want as a profession, she said.

“I wanted a change.”

Motivation to pursue a career change

She was confronted with a hefty dilemma. At first glance, the odds seemed tipped against her favour. She not only risked the stability from a long-term job, therein also lies the looming fears and anxiety in entering a completely different industry. To top it off, her parents – taken aback by the drastic disruption in her career path – were least enthusiastic in supporting her decision to take up digital marketing.

It’s not easy to change careers, something that she recognised was a monumental decision to make. But come hell or high water, Pricilia knew that this journey was one she had to embark on.

“I want a change for something better and completely new, so I have to motivate myself that I have a purpose for this,” she said.

When she chanced upon the program on Instagram, something within her ignited. She linked up with Hatch’s career coach who helped her gain a more thorough understanding of her needs and aspirations from enrolling in the program.

Eventually, she managed to persuade her parents of her conviction to follow through in switching to a new career. Amongst other factors, her parents felt the most assured to know that employment opportunity is part of the program outcome.