Future of Work | 7 Steps to Ace Your Online Interview (COVID-19 edition)

Updated: Sep 15

As the pandemic continues to disrupt how we live, work and play, more companies are reconsidering conventional face-to-face recruitments in their efforts to comply with safe distancing measures – and taking them online instead. The new normal, it seems, are virtual job interviews conducted in the comfort of your homes and stretchy bohemian pants. Business at the top, party at the bottom – am I right?

Even in a post-COVID-19 Singapore, it’s likely that online interviews are here to stay. As the world becomes increasingly digitised, the merits of virtual interviews over traditional ones are apparent. They are convenient. They save time. And most importantly, they help to streamline the hiring process by providing employers a sufficient glimpse of candidates without over-committing resources. So, whether you're job hunting in the midst of the pandemic or still enjoying your pre-adulthood life, learn these 7 steps now on how you can clinch a smooth (and successful!) online interview experience.

Congratulations, the many summer holidays spent on hustling has finally paid off.

After what seems like a perpetual season of job search, you’ve secured the first round of interviews with a hiring manager! Though, no popping of any champagne bottles just yet. Let’s knock your virtual interview out of the park first.

What is the point of an interview? Its purpose is two-fold. Firstly, employers can assess whether you are suitable for the job in terms of qualifications, skillsets and compatibility to the company’s culture. Meanwhile, interviewees can also get a clearer indication of whether the job meets their needs and expectations.

The fundamentals of F2F interviews still apply

1. Research the company

Just because the interview is moving to Zoom or Skype, it doesn’t mean that you can stealthily churn out search engine results and read off a screen as the questions are delivered to you. Interviewers are sharp enough to discern whether you are trying to weasel your way out of laying the necessary groundwork for a successful interview. Adequate preparation ahead of time can mean the difference between securing the job and resuming the dreaded process of job search.

Spend extra time to research about your potential employer. The basic expectation is to browse through the company’s website to learn about their history, mission, values, recent accomplishments and future goals. To stand out, dig deeper by identifying a situation or a problem that they have been facing (or might potentially face) pertaining to the role you are applying to. Think of how you can value-add to the company with your existing skillsets by helping them fill in the gaps you have pointed out. This acts an avenue to showcase your analytical thinking and potential to excel in the role – propelling your profile ahead the rest of the other candidates.

Researching your interviewer tips