What do we stand for when it comes to learner experience and outcomes?

What we mean when we talk about the heart to teach, practical learning outcomes, and a wholesome learning community.

Victor Zhu

When Wan Qing, Li Ying, and I came together some years back, our dream was to build an education model that works for every learner with the aspirations and commitment to break into a digital career. With that as our compass, we designed and delivered skills and employability programs helping diverse learner groups enter or transit into the digital economy.

In the differentiation of our programs, most people see our strength in our broad network of industry partners, track record in placing graduates into companies, and possibly also the fact that we operate our own digital agency, making us relevant as both practitioners and employers.

All of those are valuable achievements that we worked hard to develop, and are probably easy to understand and compare. Today, I want to talk a bit about learner experience and outcomes. It’s intangible, nuanced, and possibly a bit boring, but it’s also something that we pride ourselves on. So what do we really mean when we talk about our commitment to the learner?

A team with the heart to teach

Everyone who comes onto the Hatch team, from our digital specialists to program managers, and down to our finance and administrative staff, fundamentally enjoys interfacing with learners, getting to know more about them as individuals, and seeing each grow and progress on their life journey. As a founder, my best memories are also in seeing our program team build meaningful connections with learners that extend beyond the curriculum. Beyond bringing immense warmth to our hearts, I think this heartfelt approach to teaching underpins the meaningful experiences and success stories that unfold within our walls.

A practical focus on outcomes

I think there’s a key difference between “school education” and “adult education” in that adult learners come with practical needs in employment outcomes. They're not just looking for knowledge; they're looking for ways to apply it directly to their careers. This pushes us to focus on the practicality of what we teach, whether it is through the real-time insights of Hatch Mediahouse (our own digital agency) or the first-hand experiences of our instructors. For the design and delivery of the Career Accelerator, we also adopt an approach of understanding each learner’s strengths, experiences, and aspirations when searching for suitable employers to match them to.

A wholesome community

The diverse backgrounds of our learners enrich our community with a variety of perspectives and experiences, fostering a dynamic learning atmosphere. This diversity is our strength, encouraging open dialogue and a culture of support that endures well beyond the confines of the course. For this, we keep our class sizes intimate (of between 8 to 16 learners), ensuring every voice is heard and every learner feels a part of this educational tapestry we are weaving together. It’s a place where lessons are lived, challenges are shared, and successes are celebrated collectively—where every graduate carries with them not just a certificate, but a lifetime of connections.

We see our role in building a space that people want to turn up to

As we look forward, our mission remains clear: to ensure that the space we create is one where everyone can thrive, where learning is a joy, and where the digital landscape is crafted by individuals who bring not just skill, but also heart and dedication to their craft.