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After over a year of operations, we have officially launched our blog channel! Hatch is a training and job-matching enterprise aimed at empowering the next generation of youth and companies. We believe that young people from all walks of life have immense potential and can be properly nurtured to enter high growth careers. In the past year, we developed and ran our flagship Immersive program specialising in preparing youth for digital and design industries. The journey has been deeply fulfilling and filled with personal growth. We hope that by sharing our experiences and learnings through the blog, we will be able to contribute our voice to the conversations important to us. Empowering youth from all pathways

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Jun 27, 2019

Presentation by one of our graduates at Demo Day

In the design and delivery of our service, we have focused on maximising the value we provide for our stakeholders. For our youth, we are concerned with the relevance of skills taught, delivery of programs, and the quality of opportunities offered. For our companies, we want to provide them with the most suitable matches and placement support.

I have only on very few occasions shared about the vision of Hatch and what drives our team to do the work that we do. Now that we are entering into a stage of rapid growth, it seems appropriate to dive a little deeper into this to better reflect and represent ourselves.

Problem and Opportunity

Entering the working world can be scary business. There are many visible constraints. We may not have the qualifications or experience to apply for the job we want, or we may not have complete knowledge on the jobs available. Some of us may even be hard pressed to make an income. There is also the less visible, but equally significant constraint of not knowing what we want to pursue. To find out what we are interested in and good at requires exploration, guidance, and mentorship. As a result, we see around us young people entering into jobs that do not maximise their full potential.

As a young person, I see these brutally real constraints affecting many close to me. Having enrolled into the Quantitative Finance program in the university, I further learnt from my coursework how this problem translates into a HR inefficiency for the company resulting in a deadweight loss for the economy.

Companies grow and flourish with the right talent. Traditionally, hiring managers have emphasised paper qualifications in their recruitment process, a method which worked well in the selection for professional positions, and serves as a convenient proxy otherwise. However, they do not speak much about adaptability, potential, and a mindset for growth, traits of which high growth companies seek to acquire and retain in their team.

Our team has had the opportunity to work closely with many of these companies in the digital and design space. Through understanding their pain points and considerations, we built our Immersive program to prepare any youth interested in the field for a fulfilling career in the companies.


Hatch helps youth develop their untapped potential, and helps companies hire the right talent. We are at an exciting time where many of our pioneer graduates have completed their internships and gone on to work full-time with the company or pursue further education. In the coming months, we are focused on refining our service to be able to match the needs of our stakeholders.


At the heart of our work is the belief that anyone who wishes to pursue a fulfilling career should be given the opportunity to do so. Through the funding and support from our community partners, we are able to offer our service to youth lacking in financial and social capital. We work closely with the youth’s support networks to help them in their training and job transition process, and the close relationship has been critical to our success. To better support our youth, we are working on a number of initiatives to further integrate into the social sector ecosystem.


We truly believe that what is good for society is good for business, and we keep that belief central in all that we do. Our goal is to create an ecosystem of companies, training partners, and youth sector organisations that values and positively support the growth of every youth.

We are always looking for opportunities for collaboration, and would love for anyone keen to be involved to get in touch with us.