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Careers at Hatch | Eleven to Twenty (Last updated 28 Dec 2021)

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

We are hiring!

Over the last two years of operations, we have grown as a team from employees one to three (the co-founders ourselves) to employees four to ten. Out of the ten, nine remain with us till this day spearheading our growth in programs, marketing, and partnerships.

We would never have gotten this far had it not been for the wonderful people who came onboard. For an early-stage social impact-driven startup, the grit and resourcefulness of our first employees are magical. As we move towards the next milestone, the significant bulk of what we can continue to achieve will depend on our eleven to twenty.

We are looking to double our team in the coming year.

My goal is to find the right people to preserve our culture as a band of the most driven, energetic people here to make the impossible happen.

Instead of using traditional job descriptions with checkbox descriptions and requirements, I would like to speak directly about who we are looking for. My intention is to articulate the company’s expectations and proposition, and what success in an impact startup looks like. In doing so, I hope that eleven to twenty will bring with them new magic to our current one to ten.

So, who are we at Hatch?

We are a bold and passionate team professionally driven to make things happen. Particularly, we are drawn towards things that make our community and society better. That’s why we call ourselves a social impact startup. Because that’s who we are, and that’s what we believe in.

As a social enterprise, we envision a world where every individual has the opportunity to discover their strengths, pursue meaningful careers, and be the best versions of themselves. Frankly, the question that remains for me is why we have yet to recognise that last point as superfluous and self-explanatory.

Unfortunately, we still live in a world where many individuals are denied that freedom to explore and reach their fullest potential. We’re hoping to change that through our work in Hatch.

We sail in a vast and tumultuous sea of private education with equity and accessibility at the helm.

That makes us stick out sorely when we offer premium-quality services to every group, including those who would not be able to afford them otherwise.

How we do that is through a mix of social innovation and highly selective and strategic partnerships. The bottom and middle of the pyramid are enormous markets that have been, for the longest time, underserved by private education companies.

We would like to change that because it's exciting, impactful, and the right thing to do.

Impacting lives at Hatch; January 2021 cohort of Hatch Immersive+ taking a photo together

A lot of people say impact is a big empty word. I think it can also be very simple — fulfilled learners, empowered graduates, and an intentional approach to tackle systemic barriers.

How is it like working in a social enterprise like Hatch?

Being part of a startup, you'll play a significant role in the team and get to see the fruits of your labour materialise. In Hatch, that translates (directly or indirectly, depending on your role) into people being empowered with in-demand skills growing in their newfound careers in a social enterprise. In our customised programs for vulnerable groups, you will see how empowering an individual almost always comes with lifting the people and community around them.

From the interview with us, you'll get a sense of the job role and the outcomes we are looking for. There will usually be existing frameworks in place, but you will be challenged to question and improve upon them. You will be provided with the autonomy to come up with new ways to achieve the outcomes as long as they are aligned with our company’s values. Most of our projects are dynamic, with lots of potential for growth, so you can expect to fill bigger shoes as the company grows.

Our team comes together from diverse backgrounds, and that’s what makes us strong and formidable. We believe in keeping communications open, kind, and honest, and hold each other accountable for our personal development amidst the discomfort. An almost unparalleled development trajectory is part of our employee proposition. Nine out of our ten employees remain with us till this day and continue growing in their own capacities.

We work office hours, but the job is in no way office-like. You will engage in a lot of cross-functional work with opportunities to interact directly with external stakeholders. We work from two offices, one in JTC LaunchPad (one-north) at the heart of the startup ecosystem, and another in Yuhua (Chinese Garden) in a quaint learner space for our participants to discover and grow.

Hatch's Academy and Marketing team jointly doing a testimonial shoot with a graduate of our most recent Digital Marketing program. Here, you’ll truly never stop moving, and you'll never stop learning.

What do we look for when we hire?

We look for people who are mission-aligned, with the ability to get work done, and are eager to grow in a social impact-driven startup. How we evaluate them is by listening to the head, heart, and gut, from what is usually not captured on paper. Qualifications and work experience are relevant but are not exclusive proxies of capability. In shortlisting our candidates, we also look at instances of past work and evidence of a “can-do” attitude — we sometimes take a short call with candidates first to get to know them better before deciding whether to proceed with an interview.

What are the career opportunities available?

(Updated: 28 December 2021)

We are hiring for two permanent specialist positions, as well as five full-time internship positions. I have also included a short summary of each role’s expectations and suitable profiles below. Please check back here for the latest updates — positions will be removed once filled.

Permanent Opportunities

Industry Specialists (Positions Available: Digital Marketing / User Interface, User Experience (UI/UX) Design)

We are looking for digital and design professionals who are able to play the dual role of teaching and project delivery. The first part of the job will be as an instructor in your field of specialisation helping learners from all walks of life enter the industry. The second part would be to lead digital and design projects that Hatch takes on from partner organisations (as an agency). They range from small to medium-size projects that are jointly delivered by an internal team of specialists, external co-creators, and apprentices who have recently graduated from the program. This role will appeal to practitioners at heart who enjoys teaching and seeing learners grow but would like to remain relevant to the field.

Link to JD

Internship Opportunities

For all the following openings, we’d love to hear from you if you:

  • Are mission-aligned

  • Possess the drive to get work done

  • Are eager to grow and learn in an impact-driven startup in the social sector

  • Are from a local Institute of Higher Learning

  • Can commit to a full-time internship for 5 months minimum.

Marketing (Positions Available: Content Marketing / Marketing Analytics)

We are looking for driven individuals who are passionate about advancing our company’s mission through marketing. In these roles, you will be in close collaboration with each other, but also the entire marketing team. This is to maximise the reach and impact our content can have.

For Content Marketing: We are seeking someone who wishes to make a difference through their writing. As a Content Marketing Intern, you will be in charge of producing articles about all things digital, design and career-related. These are resources that help to educate and inform readers who come across them, which will be delivered on a 1 article per week basis. If this role interests you, it’s crucial for you to have strong attention to detail and an inherently inquisitive mind. You’ll also need to be relied upon to deliver under pressure and have good communication skills.

Link to JD

For Marketing Analytics: We are seeking someone who is proficient with advanced analytics to uncover valuable information from our platforms and existing content. As a Marketing Analytics Intern, you will be in charge of analysing business and media data across our online channels and coming up with reports to sharpen our marketing strategy and direction. In the big picture, you will be tasked with evaluating customer and performance insights to improve Hatch’s business outcomes. If this role speaks to you, it’s important for you to be able to convert insights, statistics, and information into immediate, tangible suggestions and steps for the team to act on. Yo