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UI/UX Immersive

This 6-month advanced UI/UX course is designed for anyone who wishes to jumpstart their career in the up-and-coming field of UI/UX Design and Product Management.

User Experience (UX) in the Digital Economy



Projected increase in demand for Experience Designers in Singapore in the next 5 years



In potential customer conversion rates for businesses who adopt UX practices



estimated return on investment (ROI). Every $1 invested in UX brings $100 in returns

As the boundaries between our technological world and the analog world continue to blur, a user-centered perspective in product design helps us to ensure that technology is seamlessly integrated in our lives in a human way. More companies, regardless of field or industry, are recognising the importance of good design to reap business benefits.

Program Outcomes 

Through our program, you will learn to:

✔   Understand and optimise the UI/UX development process through a human-centered approach


✔   Define user needs and develop problem statements

✔   Transform research findings into product features and create user-friendly and aesthetic visual designs

✔   Conduct user testing, build, and test prototypes which translate into a final capstone project

✔   Create a portfolio showcasing your competencies and UI/UX work through personalised career support

Upon graduation, you will either be placed in our network of partner companies looking for the right talent, or funnelled into Mediahouse as apprentices to work on client projects.


Course Curriculum 

Introduction to UI/UX

Understand the industry and its career prospects. Experience and familiarise oneself with the tools and softwares used by industry experts in their work.

User Research

Build foundations in UX methodology. Learn about the design process, from research and testing, to design thinking, rapid prototyping and testing.

Interface Design

Create screens, pages, and visual elements that enable users to interact with products in an intuitive way.

Fundamentals of Digital Product Development

Learn the basics of web development and design with HTML5 and CSS and how you can extend them to other mediums.

Design Iteration and Development

Gain hands-on experience by applying design thinking in user research, ideation, prototyping, interaction design, interface design, and usability testing.

Soft Skills and Workplace Readiness

Complementary to the technical elements, the module focuses on equipping you with the necessary career skills to excel and grow on the job.

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 Meet Your Trainer 

Our trainers are Digital Design industry practitioners who come in to teach in their respective area of specialisation.


Wilson Chew



Wilson is a trained UX designer, with an additional role in driving business development. He has worked with notable clients such as NTUC, Suntec, Grab and Mercedes-Benz.

Hear from our Graduates


The culture at Hatch was quite relaxing and comfortable. Being a complete beginner, a person with zero experience in design, learning the Figma applications and UI/UX concepts in this journey was a total eye opener for me. The Hatch team was very helpful to guide us in our training.

Lim Uen Fang

Digital Designer Trainee


Hatch equipped me with the skills and knowledge needed in UI/UX to apply for similar jobs that touch on those skills. It has also provided me a chance to work on projects to build up a portfolio. Certain skill sets needed for job preparation such as resume and cover letter writing were also very useful in making me feel better prepared for job applications.

Heidi Lee

UI/UX Intern

alina zhang.jfif

The biggest draw of the program is career guidance and hands-on application for the learning part. I’d say career guidance is exceptionally helpful for those looking to switch careers or for those looking for employment. I liked that the program was structured by topics, units and there was a clear outline of assignments/tasks by the mentors.

Alina Zhang

Interaction Designer

 Graduate Works

untitled-project_2x (3).png

SG Assist

UIUX Capstone Mockup iShopChangi.png

iShopChangi (Capstone)

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

 All ready to kickstart your design career? 

If you’re interested in joining our UIUX Immersive, please leave your contact details with us.

We will contact you once we launch our next run. 

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