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insights for all

We hold events within community to share the latest employment, digital and design insights. Each open day comprises a range of industry speakers sharing about their topics of expertise. Leave your emails below to receive updates on our next event.

Past events

Webinar: Digital Pathways for all
22 February 2020, LIVE on Facebook and Instagram

We want to help all jobseekers learn about available career pathways and how they can prepare themselves for the industry. Hear from our speakers from diverse backgrounds and how their lives have been influenced by the digital and design space. Because careers are more than just numbers and figures. 

Introduction to Digital Marketing
11 January 2020, Bold At Work

Companies increasingly adopt digital marketing to generate sales and drive business. Spend the afternoon with us as we open up snippets of Hatch Digital Marketing Immersive. Learn about industry trends and career prospects, speak with our panel of employers and professionals, and participate in a hands-on interactive workshop.

Industry Series: Design applications in business
14 December 2019, Bold At Work

Connect with Singapore's design industry first-hand. This workshop will cover the employment landscape and latest trends that businesses are concerned with. Speak directly to professionals and learn about the opportunities present and competencies required to start out.

Industry Series: Digital Marketing for jobseekers
30 November 2019, The Hangar at NUS Enterprise

Digital marketing is rapidly growing and evolving. With more businesses on a global scale seeking out its capabilities, demand for this skill will only grow. We have invited guest speakers with a plethora of experiences in the sector to share about their work. Join us in exploring a career path in digital marketing and learn how it can help businesses achieve its objectives. 

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