How to Write a Professional Resignation Letter

Here’s how you can tender your resignation in a professional manner. We’ll also show you best practices using samples you can learn from.

Writing a resignation letter is a necessary step to formalise the departure from your company. For those who are tendering their resignation for the first time, this practice may seem foreign and uncomfortable. Fret not, we’ll guide you through this every step of the way.

Behold, the resignation tsunami

Quitting your job seems reckless these days (especially in this pandemic-ridden economy!), but that’s exactly what we see in Singapore in 2021. According to a CNA commentary, a Michael Page Talent Trends report found that over 56 percent of employed residents are expected to hunt for a new job in 2021. This figure is almost double the findings of the previous year at 31 percent.

Across Asia, Singapore’s staff turnover rate was found to be the highest. Top reasons cited across a mix of respondents spanning different age demographics included a lack of career prospects and dissatisfaction with either the work they do or the salary they were receiving.

COVID-19 seems to play a major role in this phenomenon. Workers are packing their bags because of pandemic-induced realisations to prioritise mental well-being and purpose in their careers.

Whatever the reasons may be, leaving your job is not as simple as a declaration and walking out of the office doors for the last time. Drafting a resignation letter sets the wheels in motion before you start embarking on your new adventure.

What’s a Resignation Letter?

It’s a document notifying your employer you’re leaving the company. This is unlike a termination letter, where an employer informs the employee to leave.

Following the Employment Act by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM), you’re required to write a resignation letter if you intend to exit your current role. A physical one isn’t compulsory, as you can submit the document through email. However, it’s still good practice to hand a hard copy to your direct superior.

Lady providing her resignation letter to employer