Graduate Stories | My Journey to becoming a UX Storyteller

Updated: Sep 15

By Lutfiah Latiff

Hi! My name is Fia and I’m a Hatch graduate working at MeshMinds.

Initially, I was unsure about joining the Hatch program because it seemed irrelevant to my interests. I dropped out of poly because I felt that I was not growing and saw that work experience could help me clarify what I was passionate about. While working a rather tiring sports retail job, I began contemplating private education options, hoping to further my studies in psychology. For a short while, I enrolled at a private university, but could not complete the course largely due to financial constraints. Nonetheless, I was sure I wanted to start learning again to avoid being stuck in unmotivating part-time jobs. The Hatch Immersive program looked like it could give me what I needed, and I decided to give it a try.

When I first started the program, I was surprised by how much I liked the subjects taught inside. Understanding the UX process helped me develop a much deeper understanding about how we should ask questions to understand users' needs. During the training, we were exposed to many important skills, such as user interviews, problem identification, problem solving, design principles, ideation and simple coding. For my final project, I learnt to build a website from scratch and prototyped a simple game.

Presenting my final project during demo day

It was definitely not an easy transition to adapt back to having a class schedule. I struggled in maintaining a good work-life balance, being almost always late for class as I had a very irregular sleeping cycle. But coming for Hatch meant that I had to learn to manage my time and rest better. During the training, I continued working part-time at a restaurant to earn my allowance. There was stress from both work and Hatch assignments that I had to learn to manage.

But I was greatly inspired and motivated by my trainer, Louis. Louis was always sincere and willing to share his knowledge. He constantly motivated us to strive and push our personal standards. Also, my batchmates were like family to me, even though we came from different walks of life. I was always urged to push on even when I faced challenges. Our friendships grew as we worked on our projects and completed our UI/UX tasks together. I’m also incredibly thankful for the support the Hatch team offered. Whenever I felt like I could not get through the training, they would lend me the emotional and technical support I needed. Eventually, I learnt how to ensure the quality of my work while balancing work and rest.

Louis and my friends!

After my training, Hatch arranged an interview for me with one of its partner companies, MeshMinds. MeshMinds is a creative technology studio partnering with the UN Environment Programme to mobilise creative technology to get closer to achieving its Sustainable Development Goals. The company's specialty is blending the arts with Virtual and Augmented Reality, 3D printing, Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence to create impactful, immersive and engaging experiences for environmentally-responsible companies. Their mission is to create awareness, provoke conversations and encourage behavioural changes for a sustainable future. Today, I am a proud UX Storyteller intern at Meshminds!