Employee Stories | How I Rediscovered My Career Priorities

Updated: Mar 18

In this reflection, I will share my takeaways during my 6-month internship in Hatch which ended in December 2020.

I still remember my frantic scrambles to apply for my summer internship back in May 2020. Singapore was in lockdown due to COVID-19 and companies were withdrawing their internship offers. I was panicking as I had yet to secure my credit-bearing summer internship. While I was desperate to secure an opportunity, I did not want this experience to be a mere means to an end. I have accumulated a range of experiences from previous stints at a bank and SME. As a final-year student, this was probably going to be the last internship to help me figure out exactly what I want to do before graduating from Nanyang Business School. Hence, I wanted to make sure that I had picked a suitable start-up or MNC that could offer exposure in a different industry.

That was when I chanced upon Hatch’s job posting. As I read up on what they were doing, I quickly took interest in the work they were doing as well as the learning opportunities this internship presented. After the interview, I received an internship offer from Hatch and another start-up. I weighed my options and swiftly came to a decision that I wanted to work in Hatch. The role they had curated for me offered exciting learning opportunities and insights into an industry that I had never worked in before. Most important of all, Hatch’s work was making a difference in the community. They were not just another training company that provides training courses. They are focused on creating impact with their training, and they firmly believe in creating “Growth Careers” for each and every one of their students.

Working at Hatch

Hatch Singapore Marketing Team
Victor, my boss (guy to my left) is saddened because he is the only guy left in the team

Prior to starting my internship, I had imagined that working in a start-up would mean having to juggle many hats, taking on roles that were not part of the job description. That did not deter me as I believed that doing so only helped to provide me with more exposure. As for the social side of things, I was a little sceptical as I had doubts as to how much Hatch was really doing for the community and if they were really committed to the cause. Additionally, I was a little worried about fitting in with the rest of the company as all of them seemed so motivated and invested in the work they were doing to help the community. This was something that was pretty new to me as someone who had hardly done any volunteer work.

Hatch Work Culture
A place that welcomes naps one to keep #truestory

Looking back now, Hatch truly surpassed the expectations that I had of them. Although there were a lot of things to do, the people there were truly helpful and bonded. We always helped out one another to get things done, no matter how busy we were with our individual work. Their commitment to their students and community is also something that really impressed me. They had kept in touch with past graduates and were always ready to help them or listen to their troubles. This commitment is something that had really impressed me.