An 8-Point Checklist for Great UI/UX Online

Even if you don’t know what the term UI/UX encompasses, you’re likely to have experienced it before as a citizen of our technology-driven world. Read on to learn what falls under both UI and UX, and how you can identify what constitutes good or bad user interface and experience.

As the coronavirus continues to take hold of the world, most of our activities have been shifted online. More than ever, we’re counting on remote connections to keep our day to day moving. This has necessitated technology to become more seamlessly integrated into our lives. Although the number of people online has been increasing even before COVID-19, its emergence has accelerated this growth.

Technology is an area deeply tied to the field of User Interface and User Experience (UI/UX). UI/UX is a term we’ve begun hearing more often in Singapore. You often hear them being used together, mentioned as a single phrase. And for those who are unfamiliar with them, you might think they are one and the same.

They are, however, not interchangeable. UI and UX seem to come in tandem, but they’re separate fields that work closely together. Though these terms are used largely in the tech and digital industries, they aren’t limited to them either.

For this article, we’ll examine what UI/UX constitutes, so you can differentiate the two. We’ll also cover elements you should focus on, for good UI/UX online.

What is UI (User Interface) Design?

UI, or User Interface, represents the point at which people interact with products and devices digitally. In other words, it’s how users interact with websites, apps and programs, through screens and buttons on digital devices. On that note, User Interface is strictly a term to be used with digital or virtual programs.

User Interface Design then refers to designing all visual elements of an interface. This covers many things, such as icons used, animations, colours, and even the typeface. Essentially, good UI design feels intuitive to users, and is also easy on the eyes.

What is UX (User Experience) Design?

UX, on the other hand, stands for User Experience. As the name suggests, it’s concerned with the experience an individual has through using a product, app, or even a particular service. This experience is affected by how users feel in a process.

UX Design is thus the design procedure focused on making usage easy and enjoyable.

This is where UI and UX are related:

A user interacts with programs and apps through interfaces, which is why UI design is important. But depending on the UX design, their experience with an interface can either be a breeze, or nothing short of nightmarish.

“In short, UI is about the look of the pro