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Ministry of Social and Family Development

The Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) wanted to build a centralised directory of training opportunities for Out-Of-School Youths (OSY) looking to enter various industries. Through this platform, MSF wanted to improve accessibility and increase awareness for employment support and alternative education pathway resources for OSYs. The platform also serves as a medium to connect OSYs and relevant youth agents dedicated to supporting them. MSF engaged Hatch Mediahouse to create a website plan, mockup and draft relevant content for their new initiative.

Our Involvement

User Experience Interviews & Analysis, User Journey Mapping, User Interface Design and Wireframe Prototypes, Website Design


Project Stages

The project was broken down into main two stages: User Experience Research and User Interface Design.

Stage 1
User Experience (UX) Research


We conducted user interviews with 10 OSYs affiliated with various support organisations and three support professionals working with OSYs. Through these interviews, we got an understanding of their motivations and pain points using existing systems. We then analysed the findings from the interviews and came up with three OSY user personas. Following that, we crafted an action plan which proposed using a website aimed at engaging and educating OSYs on their options.

Stage 2
User Interface (UI) Design


Based on the user findings and market research of existing competitors, we drafted user flow diagrams and planned the website architecture for the directory. We then created a mockup of the proposed website design complete with copy and accompanying graphic assets. In total, we crafted three sets of brand assets, experimenting with the site name, colours, fonts and layouts which were user tested with a sample base of OSYs.

Asset 7.png

Our Success Indicators

Research was conducted to build engagement content (resources, quizzes, course listings & available back-to-school programs etc) featured in the prototype. During the user testing, the youths expressed that they were drawn to try the quizzes as it could give them tailored recommendations and resources based on their results. 

The youths also found the site easy to navigate, and mentioned that the interface with the course listings with its vibrant visuals made the experience more engaging. During the feedback sessions, MSF shared that they liked the colours, layout and content of the final prototype.

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