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Be part of our life-changing mission

To us, impact lies in both the tangibles and intangibles. It’s in the micro-moments of classroom interactions where empowered learners’ put on new faces of confidence, and also in the macro shifts we push for in systems, attitudes and approaches towards advancing digital inclusivity and social mobility. 

With all our partners, we start with the shared belief in this social mission before working to map out each party’s assets and contributions. 

 In Numbers

To date, we have:



tiers of impact programs addressing the divides in aspirations, skills, and pathways



program funders working hand in hand to address multi-faceted social challenges



government and social service organisations forming our impact network of care


Partnership Approach


Intentional Impact

We believe in being intentional when trying to reach and support underserved groups. That means viewing those we want to serve as users and not beneficiaries. That has helped us create long-term, honest to the heart impact that our partners and we ourselves are proud of. 

Social Innovation

We are often the first to pilot and scale bold ideas, whether it means the first digital employability program for vulnerable youths or the first media agency specialised for micro and small businesses. The goal is always to venture into what works, and not what has been. 

Collaboration Driven

Our mission is really too big for any one party to shoulder. Much of our work involves connecting People, Private, and Public stakeholders around a shared vision. The approach has always led to better project success and longevity.

Our Program Funders

Beyond funding, we work closely with partners to weave in additional customisations for program needs. Our commitment is to ensure that learners, regardless of their starting points, can accomplish desired program outcomes.

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If our mission resonates with you, reach out to us and let’s see what we can do together.

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