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Hatch helps businesses hire motivated, adaptable employees equipped with key industry skills. Clients can expect to benefit from our unique strengths: a diverse talent pool, a forward-thinking growth strategy and high level of placement support.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to make learning open and accessible to all. We engage experienced industry professionals to train and equip our students with industry relevant skills in their respective fields. 

Our Training Methodology

Our graduates are trained by seasoned industry professionals, imparting them with theoretical and practical knowledge. Our programmes can be summarised in these 3 phases. 

Training Phase

  • Hard skills training by industry-recognised professionals

  • Personal development by proprietary soft-skills frameworks

Probationary Phase

  • Direct work experience for youth and company to access long-term suitability

  • Post placement support by Hatch Mentoring Framework


  • Assessment of experience and expectations

  • Conversion to full-time for suitable matches 

  • Further education, new employment

UI/UX Web Design

  • Design Frameworks

  • Client Interviews

  • Wireframing

  • HTML & CSS

  • Responsive Design

Digital Marketing 

  • Sales Funnel

  • Lead Nurturing

  • Social Media

  • Content Creation

  • Analytics & SEO

Soft Skills


  • Communication 

  • Problem-solving

  • Resourcefulness

  • Teamwork


  • Working Professionals

  • Biweekly Engagement

  • Career Planning

Hard Skills


Employer Testimonials

Hear from our partners about how they benefited from being a part of our network and the value our graduates add to their company.

"[The candidate] is very hardworking and enthusiastic, he is shy but not afraid to share his thoughts and ideas with the team. He's also very resourceful and independent, and managed to learn the use of Adobe Photoshop and Wix within 1 working day. [The candidate] has great attitude and has potential to be a great asset to the team. The Hatch team has been very supportive in ensuring [the candidate's] smooth transition from academic to corporate life, and we're glad to be able to be part of this initiative."

Playmakers Singapore

"The Hatch programme prepared their graduates exceptionally for workplace. [The candidate] is able to work independently to achieve her given objectives and she has been a great help to us."


"[The candidate] is a self-starter, sufficiently motivated to work on his own initiative. He is able to cope with his work and is open to receiving feedback on how to improve. We really enjoy working with him as he is a very friendly individual. Despite the age gap he has with his colleagues, [the candidate] is still able to be a team player at work."

WhiteCoat Medical

Company Network

Hatch currently operates a network of 25 partner companies across startups, SMEs, MNCs and nonprofits. We are expanding quickly and are looking for companies hiring for relevant positions.

25 actively hiring companies

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