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Digital Marketing Immersive

Our intensive industry-centric Digital Marketing Immersive is designed for anyone keen to pursue a career in marketing, business development and analysis.

The Rise of Everything Digital 


5 million

Active social media users in Singapore in 2020, a 11.2% increase since 2017



of all Internet users aged 16 - 64 research brands using social media and consult online reviews



of our lives are projected to be spent online

With the pandemic disrupting conventional operations, businesses are forced to migrate online. This has greatly accelerated the demand for adequately skilled digital marketeers, making digital marketing one of the top skills Singapore employers are looking out for.

Program Outcomes 

Through our program, you will learn to:

✔   Understand frameworks and approaches to measuring brand campaigns and marketing channels


✔  Analyse consumer psychographics and evaluate their needs and motivations

✔   Gain a richer understanding of the different marketing tools and how to evaluate campaign outcomes using data 


✔   Ideate and curate different forms of engaging content through in-class exercises and the final capstone project


✔   Create a portfolio showcasing your competencies and Digital Marketing work through personalised career support

Upon graduation, you will either be placed in our network of partner companies looking for the right talent, or funnelled into Mediahouse as apprentices to work on client projects.

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Course Curriculum 

Introduction to Digital Marketing 

Get to know, experience and familiarise yourself with the latest tools and softwares commonly used by seasoned industry experts in their work.

Principles and Techniques of Design

Develop an eye for design and understand the importance of design types and their functions using design principles. 

Market Research Methodologies

Gain an in-depth understanding of search engine marketing and search engine optimisation through analytics. 

Combining Design with Content

Learn how to translate market insights into an effective content copy and conceptualise a marketing campaign that stands out.

Campaign and Project Management 

Apply technical knowledge to a marketing campaign while working within real-life constraints such as finite time and budget. 

Digital Marketing Capstone Project 

Work with a real-life client to develop a full marketing campaign to address the client’s problem statement.

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 Meet Your Trainers 

Our trainers are Digital Marketing industry practitioners who come in to teach in their respective area of specialisation.


Rigmor Berthier and Lee Hui Ting


LIME Agency

Rigmor and Hui Ting are passionate about making quality branding and marketing services accessible. They have worked with start-ups and social enterprises to build their brands.


Michael Ryan Chan

Brand and Content Strategy Lead

Evye LLP

Michael drives innovative solutions for clients of all sizes. He has lent his expertise to global giants such as Chariot and Vertex in branding, trademark and copyright matters. 

Hear from our Graduates

Pauline Chen.jpg

I’ve learnt many new skills that I had not known before. I can now better apply these new digital marketing skillsets to my work and business, bringing our business across to new customers who were not accessible before.

Pauline Chen


Julia Hoh.png

The trainers often shared their real-life experiences in digital marketing, better preparing my learning for design thinking, creative thinking, process thinking and structured thinking.

Julia Hoh

Headhunter and Carousell Business Owner

 Graduate Works


Social Media Design


Campaign Strategy

Capstone Project

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

  • Will I earn a certificate?
    Yes, at the end of the course, graduates of the programme will receive certificates. However, there are prerequisites or milestones that the students must meet in order to graduate from the programme.
  • Do I need a technical background to join?
    Hatch’s programs are designed to be open and accessible to all. As the saying goes, if you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough. Our instructors are industry practitioners who can break down important concepts for students regardless of background. Bring your curiosity, enthusiasm and a desire to learn. Leave the rest to us!
  • What is the difference in schedule for the full-time and part-time programmes?
    The 5-week full-time program is designed for students with more immediate employment needs. Classes take place Mondays to Fridays over office hours. The 15-week part-time program is suitable for those balancing other commitments or who would like to finish the training before making the career switch. Classes take place three times a week on two weekday nights and Saturday mornings.
  • How will classes be held?
    The classes will be conducted in a hybrid format of both physical and online classes. For physical classes, it will be held in a sufficiently large venue to ensure safe distancing among students. The classroom will also be disinfected in between lessons.
  • What are the financing options available?
    We believe that no one should be deprived of quality education due to their financial difficulties. Hatch offers financial assistance to students from low-income households. As of April 2020, we have also extended the scheme to include those whose employment have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. We also provide the option of interest free installment plans for students. We have a fast and straightforward approval process, and students who would like to find out more can enquire with our programs team.
  • What’s the difference between Hatch Immersive and Hatch Accelerator?
    The Hatch Immersive is a train to match programme that equips students with skills in Digital Marketing or UIUX and upon completion of the course, matches them to a prospective company for internship. This allows them to directly apply what they learn with us and apply it in their internships. This is suitable for learners who are looking at a mid-career switch or are interested in the UIUX industry. The Hatch Accelerator is a 5-week training programme that covers the essential fundamentals of UIUX Web Design. This programme, however, does not provide job matching that Hatch Immersive does. This is suitable for learners who are looking to upskill themselves.

 All ready to kickstart your digital career? 

If you’re interested in joining our Digital Marketing Immersive, please leave your contact details with us. We will contact you once we launch our next run. 

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