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Digital Design Accelerator

Our applications-focused Digital Design Accelerator is suitable for business owners or working professionals looking to build their digital and design capabilities in Web Design.

Why Web Design Matters



is all it takes for a website to leave an impression on a person



of a website’s first impression is related to its design



Online shoppers say a website’s overall aesthetic is a reason to not revisit it

Having an online presence is no longer enough to convert prospects into leads. A well-designed website not only sets a good first impression for your customers, it also increases your brand’s digital visibility and builds trust with your intended audience. Good web design gives your business an additional edge to stand out in your sea of competitors.

Program Outcomes 

Through our program, you will learn to:

✔   Build a strong foundation in the essentials of Digital Marketing and User Interface, User Experience (UI/UX) Design


✔  Apply learnt digital and design skills into different contexts for your professional work

✔   Understand and gain a deeper appreciation for the Digital and Design industry by using transferable skillsets into your daily work

The course culminates in a final project, where you will get to put your skills to practise. You will build and pitch your final prototype, walking away with a compelling portfolio.

Programme outcomes accelerator_3x.png

Course Curriculum 

Foundations of UX Research

Build foundations in the UX methodology. Learn more about the design process, from research and testing, to design thinking, rapid prototyping and testing.

Foundations of UI Design

Create screens, pages, and visual elements that enable users to interact with products in an intuitive way. Learn to apply design principles onto websites or applications

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Drive more traffic to your website by learning how to optimise for highly targeted keywords using Google's latest algorithm updates. Build and earn high-quality backlinks to rank your website better.

Design Iteration and Development

Expand and apply the entire design process of user research, ideation, prototyping, interaction design, interface design, and usability testing. 

Website Critique

Put your skills to practice. Depending on individual objectives, learn how to position yourself as designers, developers, freelancers, and effective business owners.

Course Fees & Subsidies

Employee-Based Training Funding

Hatch Accelerator is supported by SG Tech’s STAR Fund. Companies who sponsor their staff for training only have to pay the remaining fees after deducting the subsidised amount of $500 per pax.

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 Meet Your Trainer 

Our trainers are Digital Design industry practitioners who come in to teach in their respective area of specialisation.


Wilson Chew



Wilson is a trained UX designer, with an additional role in driving business development. He has worked with notable clients such as NTUC, Suntec, Grab and Mercedes-Benz.

Hear from our Graduates


Overall, I really enjoyed the course as there were plenty of room for discussion and exploration between classmates of differing interests and experiences. The Hatch trainer was not only very enthusiastic and helpful throughout, but was also always open for creative discussions.

Ferdi Lau

Masters Student at Singapore Management University


The homework, although challenging and time-consuming, was fun. The Hatch trainer was also really supportive with our work and I like how she's very straight-forward with her comments.

Hera Cambal

Co-Founder of Frescue


I had a fantastic experience throughout the programme. Really liked how time was put aside for consultation as I felt that was when I learnt the most. The assignments were very well-designed as they challenged me to apply the concepts that I have learnt in class and helped me to hone my skills with design tools like Figma.

Jean Lim

Student at National University of Singapore

 Graduate Works

Visual Design Principles


Website Portfolio Mockups and Presentation (2)_edited.jpg

Final Product


STAR Fund Eligibility Criteria

  • Applicants must be in a company that is a member of SGTech 

  • Number of persons who can apply for the course under the STAR Fund is capped at 5 pax per company

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

  • Will I earn a certificate?
    Yes, at the end of the course, graduates of the programme will receive certificates. However, there are prerequisites or milestones that the students must meet in order to graduate from the programme.
  • Do I need a technical background to join?
    Hatch’s programs are designed to be open and accessible to all. As the saying goes, if you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough. Our instructors are industry practitioners who can break down important concepts for students regardless of background. Bring your curiosity, enthusiasm and a desire to learn. Leave the rest to us!
  • What is the difference in schedule for the full-time and part-time programmes?
    The 5-week full-time program is designed for students with more immediate employment needs. Classes take place Mondays to Fridays over office hours. The 15-week part-time program is suitable for those balancing other commitments or who would like to finish the training before making the career switch. Classes take place three times a week on two weekday nights and Saturday mornings.
  • How will classes be held?
    The classes will be conducted in a hybrid format of both physical and online classes. For physical classes, it will be held in a sufficiently large venue to ensure safe distancing among students. The classroom will also be disinfected in between lessons.
  • What are the financing options available?
    We believe that no one should be deprived of quality education due to their financial difficulties. Hatch offers financial assistance to students from low-income households. As of April 2020, we have also extended the scheme to include those whose employment have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. We also provide the option of interest free installment plans for students. We have a fast and straightforward approval process, and students who would like to find out more can enquire with our programs team.
  • What’s the difference between Hatch Immersive and Hatch Accelerator?
    The Hatch Immersive is a train to match programme that equips students with skills in Digital Marketing or UIUX and upon completion of the course, matches them to a prospective company for internship. This allows them to directly apply what they learn with us and apply it in their internships. This is suitable for learners who are looking at a mid-career switch or are interested in the UIUX industry. The Hatch Accelerator is a 5-week training programme that covers the essential fundamentals of UIUX Web Design. This programme, however, does not provide job matching that Hatch Immersive does. This is suitable for learners who are looking to upskill themselves.

 All ready to kickstart your design career? 

If you’re interested in joining our Digital Design Accelerator, please leave your contact details with us.

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