UIUX Design

A project-based accelerator designed to equip students and working professionals with industry-relevant skillsets and build portfolios that impress.


Curriculum Overview

Build Design Foundations

Learn the skills and insider tips needed to excel in this growing industry from experienced practitioners.

Learn by doing

Our classes dive into action by creating prototypes that address real-world problem statements.

Master Inter-disciplinary skillsets

Build a versatile skillset that is transferrable across industries by learning the best practices of design-thinking.

Join a community that cares

Graduates, trainers and the Hatch team form lasting friendships after the program ends. This allows them to tap on a valuable growing network within the industry.


User Interface and User Experience (UI/UX) is the science and art of optimising a person’s interaction and experience with a product or service.

UIUX Design Curriculum

How long does "The Talk" usually last?

Typically, "The Talk" takes about three hours from start to finish, including breaks. However, the host for the event may have other activities scheduled before, after, or during extended breaks.

Do I need to accompany my child to "The Talk"?

Yes, "The Talk" is just as useful for the parents as it is for the kids. In "The Talk", I cover various topics crucial to helping your child progress through the next stages in their development. All teens must have an adult present to attend. For the boys, both moms and dads may attend. For the girls, only moms may attend. Aunts, uncles, grandparents, guardians, and other adults significant in the care of these teens are welcome, but only females are allowed at the girls' events.

Is "The Talk" seperated by gender?

Yes! "The Talk" is seperated by gender. The events for the boys and girls are similar for the first two sessions, with some slight differences. Given the content of the last session it varies greatly. If you are a parent of both a boy and a girls of this age, attending both events would be helpful.

At what age should my child attend "The Talk"?

"The Talk" seminars are designed for three targeted ages: 4th-6th grade (entering middle school), 6th-8th grade (late middle school), and 8th-10th grade (transition to and early high school). While teens all develope at different speeds, it is generally recommended that the age span of participants in a particular event not be more than three years. For more details about content of the seminars for each age group, please visit the "Age Specifics" page.

Will food be provided at "The Talk"?

This depends on the host/hostess and location. Typically, a meal or snacks are provided during breaks.

What do I need to do to prepare my child for "The Talk"?

It is important to prepare your child for the general topics that will be presented in "The Talk" and let them understand what to expect. It is vital that the kids are not suprised in the last moment and have time to ask questions and discuss anxiety before the session. We are wanting to help them be as comfortable and ready to listen as possible. Say something simple and direct like, "This Friday evening, you and I are going to get to go to a seminar that will prepare us for you being a teenager. We will learn about puberty and sex, keeping you healthy, and how I can be the best mom/dad possible for you. I am excited about it but also a little nervous. How does it make you feel?"

What if I am unable to attend any scheduled sessions of "The Talk"?

Presentations and sessions of "The Talk" can be found on the Seminars page of the website. If no dates are listed that you can attend, continue to check back frequently as new dates are added. By subscribing to the website, you will receive email notifications of public events when they are scheduled. If you have a group of 10 children or more interested in "The Talk", consider booking a private event where a date and location can be arranged to fit your specific needs.

What maturity level is "The Talk" and what terminology is used?

Because "The Talk" contains portions that cover anatomy and sex, some diagrams and pictures are used in the presentation. However, scientific names are used to describe anatomy and no images presented are inappropriate or suggestive. Do be prepared for descriptions of bodily processes in detail using vocabulary accessible for this age.

Meet Your Trainers

Our trainers are industry practitioners who come in to teach their respective area of specialisation.


Janelle Lee 

Product Design, Marketing, UI Design, Nonprofits

Janelle is the Co-founder and Chief Product Officer of bantu, a social enterprise which has helped hundreds of impact organisation facilitate digital technology adoption. In 2019, bantu was recognised as the Best Social Enterprise Start-Up of 2019, the highest accolade conferred to a social enterprise in Singapore.


Louis Puah

UX Research, Facilitation, Coaching, Government

Louis has worked in international and local startups specialising in product management and product design. He is currently a User Experience Consultant at GovTech Singapore and runs his own education management business.


Hear From Our Graduates

By focusing on individual development, we help our graduates use their unique abilities and experiences to their advantage. Utilising the skills gained in the training, our graduates now thrive in a range of digital and design positions in the industry. 


Overall, I really enjoyed the course as there were plenty of room for discussion and exploration
between classmates of differing interests and experiences. The trainer was not only very enthusiastic and helpful throughout, but she encouraged the class to have creative discussions. 

Ferdi Lau

UIUX Web Design Accelerator

Student Projects

Batch 1: Web Design

Our students were tasked to design a website of their own.

The purpose of the assignment was to integrate the skills that the students have learnt during the course and apply it on their personal projects.

Some examples of the websites designed by the students included their personal portfolios, blogs about their hobbies or businesses they were trying to start.


Financial Support


As a Business For Good, we offer financial assistance to students who need them. 


As of April 2020, we have also extended the financial assistance scheme to those whose employment have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. We also provide an interest free installment plan for students.

Speak with our programs team to find out more about financing options.

Speak To Us Directly

The waiting lists are open for all our programs now. If you’re interested in joining the next run, please leave your contact details with us.

We will contact you once we launch our next run.


Will I earn a certificate?

Yes, at the end of the course, graduates of the programme will receive certificates. However, there are prerequistes or milestones that the students must meet in order to graduate from the programme.

Do I need a technical background to join?

Hatch’s programs are designed to be open and accessible to all. As the saying goes, if you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough. Our instructors are industry practitioners who can break down important concepts for students regardless of background. Bring your curiosity, enthusiasm and a desire to learn. Leave the rest to us!

What is the difference in schedule for the full-time and part-time programmes?

The 5-week full-time program is designed for students with more immediate employment needs. Classes take place Mondays to Fridays over office hours. The 15-week part-time program is suitable for those balancing other commitments or would like to finish the training before making the career switch. Classes take place three times a week on two weekday nights and Saturday mornings.

How will classes be held?

The classes will be conducted in a hybrid format of both physical and online classes. For physical classes, it will be held in a sufficiently large venue to ensure safe distancing among students. The classroom will also be disinfected in between lessons.

What are the financing options availables?

We believe that no one should be deprived of quality education due to their financial difficulties. Hatch offers financial assistance to students from low-income households. As of April 2020, we have also extended the scheme to include those whose employment have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. We also provide the option of interest free installment plans for students. We have a fast and straightforward approval process, and students who would like to find out more can enquire with our programs team.

What’s the difference between Hatch Immersive and Hatch Accelerator?

The Hatch Immersieve is a train to match programme that equips students with skills in Digital Marketing or UIUX and upon completion of the course, matches them to a prospective company for internship. This allows them to directly apply what they learn with us and apply it in their internships. This is suitable for learners who are looking at a mid-career switch or are interested in the UIUX industry. The Hatch Accelerator is a 5-week training programme that covers the essential fundamentals of UIUX Web Design. This programme, however, does not provide job matching that Hatch Immersive does. This is suitable for learners who are looking to upskill themselves.


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