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Bringing personality to persuasion.

With many companies and businesses wanting more presence and clients online and offline, there is a growing demand for Digital Marketers across multiple sectors. At Hatch, we provide end-to-end training with a guaranteed internship that allows our graduates to not only have a hand at practising what they have learnt in the course, but also a potential permanent position in the company of their internship.

Individuals with interest, drive and perseverance

Imparting the necessary hard & soft skills

2 months

Work experience and on-the-job learning while both the individual and partner company to assess suitability

3 months

Evaluating for furture pathways towards permanent employment or further learning

With a keen focus on the youth's talents, the curriculum weaves in projects that give youths the freedom to apply marketing concepts in areas they are passionate in. Our program will enable participants to inject a bit of themselves in the work they produce, showcasing that marketing is truly an art form.

Our mentors are passionate individuals skilled in the art of digital marketing, and have adopted the techniques in a wide array of disciplines. Hatch's biweekly mentorship will allow mentors to share insights about the industry with our youths.

Curriculum Information:

What are the training hours like? We will run the training program on Monday to Friday, 10am to 5pm, for 8 consecutive weeks. This is so that youth get used to professional working hours in their internships.

Who are the trainers?

Hatch engages with industry professionals that are well-recognised for their work to train our youth. Our youth will receive training for the most relevant skills that are in demand in the industry.

What skills will I have at the end of the course? Upon successful completion of our Digital Marketing course, you will be able to:

● Analyse the effectiveness of the various Digital Marketing channels and manipulate them to suit your / your clients’ needs.

● Evaluate and brand package your content custom tailored to your target audiences.

● Effectively and efficiently manage customer issues and complaints, unwanted comments, and maintain healthy customer relationships.

● Identify your area of strength in a particular aspect of Digital Marketing such as Content Creation, Social Media Planner, Designing, Customer Relations, etc.

● Demonstrate persuasive presentation and public speaking skills, effective communication and story-telling skills, healthy inter-personal relationships with businesses, partners, companies, and online and offline communities.

● Solve real-life examples of companies’ problem statement, implementing successful solutions and having these as part of your personal portfolio.

What kind of community can I expect?

Hatch’s Digital Marketing course attracts youths from varied backgrounds who are eager learners and enthusiastic about developing their skill sets and being a part of the vibrant industry field. Some come from backgrounds in IT, Digital Marketing, Fashion, Engineering and more. The environment at Hatch provides a relaxed and open space for friendships to bloom and supports you in forming possible collaborations with each other in future projects.


Financial Information:


What does the tuition fee cover?


Your tuition covers: 3-month part-time training in industry related digital marketing skills, methods and practises. learning materials, and 3-months internship with a relevant local company upon successful completion of Hatch Digital Marketing



What are the financing options? / Are subsidies available?

Funding and subsidies are available on considerations and case-by-case basis.

For more information, please contact hello@hatch.sg.


Eligibility Criteria:


Who can join the program?

We are looking for for youth (aged 18 to 25) who have the interest in the digital industry. More importantly, we seek youth who have the motivation and dedication to learn. (We accept youths outside of the age range on a discretionary, case-by-case basis.)

But I have no prior experience in Digital Marketing or UI/UX Design. Can I join?


Yes, you can. Our trainers are equipped with the skills to develop and preparing complete beginners for jobs in the industry. I didn't finish secondary school and have no qualifications.


Can I join the program?


We have trained many youth from non-traditional backgrounds, including but not limited to school drop-outs, low-income, and at-risk youth from the boys' and girls' homes. We welcome any youth with the interest and motivation to excel.



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