Our accelerator adopts an application-based approach to help students upskill and stay competitive in the digital age. The key differentiation of our 5-week digital accelerator is the use of real-world problem statements from our partner companies, moving learning beyond theory and hypotheticals alone. With its remote, part-time structure, the program is best suited for students and working professionals looking to strengthen one's skills and build portfolios that impress.


The Foundation

We exclusively engage industry professionals as trainers to help students break down the hype of IT into digestible, essential information. Expect hands on assignments to test and hone your skills. 

Dive into action

The Advantage

Move beyond theory and work with real-world problem statements. Design the next campaign, or prototype an upcoming feature. Learn the realities of the industry and how you can excel in it. 


The Growth

Every digital professional talks about how fast the industry moves. Build an evolving portfolio and learn how to keep up with the latest trends. Join our alumni community to network, mentor, and learn. 


Digital technologies open up a world of powerful tools, while design creates harmony among elements. Hatch Accelerator blends the best practices of both areas to provide a versatile skillset transferable across numerous industries.

coding fundamentals
USER INterface Principles 
Project management


Course fee is at $1,000. As a Business For Good, we offer financial assistance to students who need them. As of April 2020, we have also extended the assistance scheme to those whose employment have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Speak with our programs team to find out more about financing options.

Speak to us directly

Interested to find out more? Leave your questions with us and our programs team will be in touch.

Learning experience

Classes take place remotely twice a week at night through a combination of trainer-led lectures and hands-on activities. In the final weeks of the program, time will be allocated for individual project consultations. Students should expect to spend additional time outside of class to read up on course materials and complete allocated tasks. Our upcoming Accelerator will take place from 30 June 2020 to 4 August 2020. Find out more details about the course by requesting a curriculum.

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